Yosuga Art Space is a place for artists and other culturally-affiliated people to live and work together. Simply experiencing the traditional culture, craft and performance here is a reason enough to come, there is no obligation to create or exhibit artwork. We are located within walking distance of Kyoto station, and one has easy access to sites within Kyoto as well as the larger Kansai area. We will use our connections to try to support you however possible in fulfilling your desires for cultural research during your stay…including seeing art events, attending discussions or meetings, and making the rounds at tourism hotspots. For a creative person all of these things can be considered an important form of research.

Please note that Yosuga Art Space does not offer any scholarship funding. If you wish to personally seek scholarship funding elsewhere, we are happy to write a letter of recommendation for you. We are not a hotel or ryokan. Whether your stay is long or short, we will ask you to please sign a contract agreeing to the Yosuga terms.


Usage Period

1 night –6 month stay
Check-in : After 4pm / Check-out : Before 11am
* times are flexible ; we are happy to hold luggage for residents


Application Conditions

Candidates  Artists / people involved in art
・The resident must be able to live communally with other artist also using the space.
・The resident must be in good health.
・The resident must have basic conversational ability in either Japanese or English.


Utilization purpose

Creating a residence that is best suited to your artistic practice

a) Research ( study / experiential )

b) Join in art events / workshops

c) Participate in discussions

d) Artwork production

e) other stay/Attend to art conferences

* Whether the resident’s stay is long or short, all residents are required to sign a contract agreeing to the Yosuga terms at the time of check-in


Usage Fee

・Normal Stay

One room / one person / night -¥6,500 ( room type  A, B, C )
One room / two people / night -¥10,000 ( room type A, B, C )
One room / three people / night -¥15,000 (room type A, C )

* Winter season discount
Off season discount for limited three months between beginning of December to end of February.
Every resident will get special discount Ⅰ

・Special discountⅠ

*Residents whose stay is concurrent with an exhibition or performance opening in Kyoto city.
*Residents whose stay is before / after / concurrent with a stay in the Microresidence Network.
One room / one person / night -¥4,500 ( room type A, B, C )
One room / two people / night -¥7,000 ( room type A, B, C )
One room / three people / night -¥10,500 ( room type A, C )


・Special discountⅡ

Residents whose stay is before / after / concurrent with another Japanese AIR program which is not in the Microresidence Network.
One room / one person / night -¥5,000 ( room type A, B, C )
One room / two people / night -¥8,000 ( room type A, B, C )
One room / three people / night -¥12,000 ( room type A, C )


* This facility is not a hotel or ryokan. We do not provide meals. Residents are welcome to use the recently renovated communal kitchen. There is a 24-hour supermarket, as well as convenience stores located within a five-minute walk from the Yosuga facility.


 Art work stay

・Studio usage fee : ¥2,000 / day
* For those willing to use their bedrooms as a studio, and do not need an exhibition, there is no additional fee.



Exhibition location
Use of the Salon for exhibition purposes accrues a fee of ¥1,000 per hour. (Normal salon hours need not apply)
*Use of a location other than the Yosuga facility incurs the full burden of that location’s rental.
*Use of a bedroom for exhibition requires that the artist pay the full daily rate of a resident living in that room.

Payment Method

“Cash” or “bank transfer”
cash : Please pay at time of check-in.
bak transfer : befoer check-in day

* Cancel fee
1 night-6nights : cancellation 2days before 50% / cancellation 1day before – 100%
7 nights – 27nights : cancellation 7days before 50% / cancellation 1day before – 100%
more than it in 28naights :   pay a deposit of 25% within one week (bank transfer)
cancellation 28days before 25%(deposit) / cancellation 14days before 50%
cancellation 7days before 75% / cancellation 1day before 100%


1) Search
      Where do you want to go, what do you want to experience? We will search for the things and places you need.

2) Connect
      We will introduce you to the people you need for your research and study.
      We are happy to arrange a welcome party in the Yosuga Salon, where you can meet local artists.

3) Introduction
      As well as organizing an exhibition, we will happily publicize your artwork through our social network.

4) Daily Life
      We are happy to lend a helping hand in whatever way necessary to help you enjoy your life in Kyoto.
However we are not a hotel or ryokan, and we do not provide meals for residents.



Air-conditioned (Air-conditioner, Electric-heater, Electric-fan, Fan)
Free Wi-Fi available (PC not provided)
* Private rooms do not have door locks/safes provided.
* There is no free parking. We are happy to share information on nearby coin parking.

Amenity goods

Bath towel, Face towel, Hair dryer, Iron,
Body soap, Hair shampoo, Hair conditioner


Application Method ←“Click here”

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