If you agree to the usage policy, we look forward to receiving your application.

Application Method

● Email :
Please inform us of followings so that we will inform you the availability of accomodation.
*In case there is no reply from us in one week, please kindly reinform us.
Yosuga Art Space reserves the right to deny residency if any of the below items are not fully completed in good faith.

1. Desired length of stay

  •  YYYY.MM.DD – YYYY.MM.DD (number of days, number of nights)
  • Check-in date and time / Check-out date and time
    # We have a very small staff. There are times when no one is available, so please be indicate your planned check-in time, and be sure to stick to it!

2. Number of persons (please indicate adult and child)
3. Room type  (Please choose your desired type of room. Please be aware that we may not be able to offer you the desired room based on application conditions)

a) A Type – X people (Maximum of 3 / priority for artists willing to use this room as a studio)

b) B Type – X people (Maximum of 2)

c)C Type – X people (Maximum of 3)

4.  Purpose of stay (Please select from below)

a) Cultural research, investigation, experience

b) Participating in or viewing an art event / workshop

c) Cultural activity within Kyoto city (one’s own gallery exhibition, performance etc. not affiliated with the Yosuga Art Space)

d) Cultural activity occurring at the Yosuga Art Space

e) Attendance at a cultural meeting or gathering

5. Will you be producing artwork while at Yosuga?
If so will you need to use the first-floor studio area or is a bedroom acceptable?
What dates? (from 20XX / month / day until month / day)

6. Will you want to have an exhibition / performance of your artwork here? If so
What dates? (from 20XX / month / day until month / day)

7. Please specify if applying for the special discounted rate #1 or #2
(please provide relevant venue name, nature of use, duration / AIR name, this information in full will revoke the applicant’s special discounted rate contact person’s contact information)
*please be aware that failure to provide Please specify if applying for the special discounted rate #1 or #2

8. Resident’s personal information
Name, address, age, sex, contact information (phone number, email address), artistic genre (students can provide major of study and university name), website
* Groups must please provide this personal information for each resident

9. Any other relevant information…

10. For those residents who will have an artistic event within Kyoto city, please provide relevant details of the event (Especially website / social media information)

* If your child will stay too, please describe the age, school grade and gender.
* A stay of pre-school child will not be accepted.
* Web-site information provided by you will be used for an advertisement of the visitor on our Facebook page of Art Space Yosuga. If you do not wish, please let us know accordingly.
*In order to take advantage of special discount, please mention the name of your AIR program and that program’s head administrator when applying to Yosuga.

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