We have the space for exhibition, screening, performance (music, terpsichorean art, rakugo), seminar, workshop, product sales event, etc. The space is not big so that you can be creative and enjoy the close distance to the audience.

*Occupancy – 25 seats, approximately 35 people max (including standing)


Usage Fee

The charge varies depends on contents.


・stage performance, seminar, workshop – number of audience×¥500

・exhibition, presentation – ¥1,000×hour including hours of installation and pull out

・product sales event – 15 – 20 % of sales

Usage of residential space will be charged for room stay
*  Hall setting charge ¥3,000. If any new equipment is required to purchase, we might charge for it, even though the equipment will belong to YOSUGA.

*  Advertisement medium (DM, flyer, poster) are entrusted to exhibitor.

Additional charge will be required for agency service for PR (print, distribute, postage).


Free rent equipment

・Image projection screen
・Speaker with built-in amplifier×1
・ Microphone×2
・Microphone stand×1
・Audio systems