Community salon YOSUGA

‐talk & drink
Feeling closer to culture, a place to meet and engage with artists!

* Resident artists are welcome to one free drink every night.

* Residents who are looking for interaction with local artists and townspeople, please indicate that you would like a welcome party in the comments section of your application. We will arrange the schedule and organize a welcome party. On the evening of his / her party, the resident’s drinks are free of charge.


7:00 pm 〜 23:00 pm   ( Close Monday )


The focus is on community, so the menu is very simple

Draught beer   Canned beer   Sake/Nihonshu   Shochu

Wine   Whiskey   Bourbon   Gin   Tequila

Coffee   Herbal Tea   Loose Tea   Ginger Ale   CocaCola


* Food is limited to simple snacks

* Bringing other food is fine but there is a ¥200 fee. ( a fee for using plates/silverware, garbage disposal, and/or using a hotplate may also apply )

* We can also accept deliveries

#Please refrain from bringing outside drinks into the venue

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