about Winter season discount of AIR Program

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Kyoto’s real winter time has come!

Kyoto, when you here this city’s name, you’ll think of pink cherry blossoms of spring, red maples of fall, and many of historic events. but Kyoto shows real attraction of itself only in winter…much less sightseers and time seems flow slow. if you are lucky one, you will encounter beautiful quiet white old Kyoto.
And it sure will be big treasure of your life memory.

But unfortunately, because of Kyoto’s famous coldness(because of humidity, it feels like colder than real temperature…but you know, it’s not that cold ,Yosuga is going into very slow season.

So, we decided to do  off season discount for limited three months between beginning of December to end of February.

Every resident will get special discount Ⅰ
1 room 1person for ¥4,500
1 room 2person for ¥7,000
1 room 3person for ¥10,500

*you can of course get same quality of supports and one drink one night service as well while you are staying.