Usage Policy

~A promise so that everyone can enjoy themselves
  • When checking in, the resident will sign a contract agreeing to the stated terms of use. Yosuga staff will also copy the resident’s government-issued identification: driver’s licence/insurance ID/passport – (non-japanese must provide a passport)The resident’s name will be recorded in the facility register (whether for one night or several nights’ stay)

Accommodations Space

  • There is no curfew, however please be considerate to not disturb neighbors and/or other residents.
  • When leaving and returning the resident must please inform the facility staff. (If nobody is present or awake then the resident may disregard this rule)
  • If the resident wishes to have guests, please feel free to use the meeting room. If the resident wishes to bring the guest to his or her private room, please let us know in advance and until 10pm only.

※If you stay longer than 12 noon the following day we will charge another day so please be careful about checking out time. If you invite people to your room without permission, this will be seen as a breach of agreement and will be charged with 10,000 Yen.

  • In order to prevent theft / loss of valuable items, please make sure to keep your private room tidy and in order.
  • For stays of several nights in a row, residents are responsible for cleaning their private room.

* Please speak with Yosuga staff for cleaning materials.

  • Residents are responsible for cleaning their own bedding. For residents staying several nights in a row, please wash the bedding (futon pad, pillow pad etc.) roughly every 3 days.
    If you would like Yosuga staff to wash the bedding for you, a charge of 300円 will apply on each occasion. Also, if residents to not wash the bedding every 3 days, Yosuga staff will automatically do so. In this case a 300円fee will be collected on each occasion
  • For those using a futon, please be aware that leaving a futon out during the day causes dust and mold to accumulate. Outside of sleeping time please put the futon away in a drawer, or folded next to the window. Putting the futon away everyday is an essentially Japanese trick, which makes a small room feel larger. This custom of putting away / laying out the futon occurs everyday at the beginning and end of the day. Please only use the futon with this understanding in mind.
  • In order to conserve energy, when leaving the private room please be sure to turn off the lights and/or air conditioner
  • Whenever possible, please do not leave the air conditioning running while asleep.
  • Please understand that it is not permitted to refuse Yosuga staff entry to the resident’s private room.
  • The second-floor living quarters is a non-smoking only area. Residents who wish to smoke must please use a “Community salon” on the first floor.
  • For sanitation, please do not collect garbage in your private room. Combustible, non-combustible, and recyclable garbage (cans, bottles and plastic bottles) should be carefully disposed of in the marked area.

When checking out, please place used futon and pillow pads in the laundry room. Please properly sort and dispose of garbage in the first floor and leave the room clean before departing.

Common Space

  • If the resident uses the kitchen, please be sure to wash all dishes, pots etc. and return them to their original location when finished.
  • Please be considerate using the bathrooms, and make sure that they are kept in a sanitary, hygienic condition after use.
  • The bathing facilities are to be used following a reservation system. In the event of multiple residents staying at Yosuga, please follow the reserved time and order.
  • Please use bathing facilities between 6:00 and 24:00. After 24:00 Yosuga staff will use the bathing facilities so please respect the schedule.
  • After using bathing facilities, please be sure to leave the door open with the ventilator running. Also please return the showerhead, washbasin, stool etc. to their original state.
  • The person using the bathtub must please clean those facilities after use.



  • In the event of damage to the facility furniture, equipment, etc., or of a stain inconsistent with normal use, or of theft, Yosuga staff will collect a fee to account for the loss.
  • In case of an unlawful act or the use of property has been deemed unfitting, we may ask you to leave immediately. In that case, payments that have been made will not be refunded. In some cases, the police will be informed
  • In the event of a theft or injury that takes place within the Yosuga facility, Yosuga and its staff bear no responsibility whatsoever.
  • This facility is not a ‘Ryokan’-style inn. At the Yosuga residency there are no services provided for the resident. While using the facilities, please keep the following resident in mind and return them in good order.

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