A temporary residence, used for the purpose of artwork creation or cultural research.

We are currently reviewing our programs and are not accepting any applications for the AIR program at the moment.
The Art Work program will be renewed middle of April.
However, applications are accepted for the Short Stay program. Please be sure to check the new rates.

Notes on the Application Process Before applying, please carefully read the following information. If you agree to the conditions detailed below, we look forward to receiving your application.

Application Conditions

  • The resident artist, researcher, curator etc. must be open to becoming the subject of photography, video and news articles.
  • Expenses related to artwork production, research and daily living are to be borne by the resident. There is no financial support for airfare, food, alcohol, art materials, research expenses etc.
  • Finished work / research will be on public display (exhibited) at some point during the residency period.
  • The resident is responsible for cleanup of the space after the aforementioned exhibition.
  • The resident must be able to live communally with other artists also using the space.
  • The resident must be open to having his/her studio be a public space. Even when working, he or she cannot refuse a studio visit.
  • Participation in lectures, workshops and other forms of public interaction are voluntary and at the discretion of the resident.
  • The resident must be in good health.
  • The resident must have a basic conversational ability in either Japanese or English.

*Acceptance is determined after a review by Yosuga Staff

Usage Period

Any 1 to 6 month period (scheduled in 1-month blocks).

Usage Fee

¥180,000 – ¥230,000 per month. (Utility costs included)

Payment Method

Payment is to take place by wire transfer before the first day of the residency. *For a stay of longer than 3 months, after the third month payment will be received on the 1st of the month in one-month installments.

Application Procedure

Please download the following excel file, fill in all necessary information and return by E-MAIL. >>>>>>Application.xlsx

Usage Agreement

Artwork Production / Exhibition

  • The resident may not damage or stain the studio walls or floor.
  • In the event of damage or staining, the cost of repair will be paid by the resident.
  • Holes larger than the size of a pin are not allowed. (e.g. hooks / wire / d-rings and other sorts of hardware must be used to hang pictures instead of screws and nails)
  • The resident’s workspace, as well as final exhibition location, will be determined by communal arrangement with any other participating artists.

Living Space Usage

  • Visitors are not allowed in private living quarters after 10pm. In the case of a violation the resident will pay a fee of ¥10,000 for each visitor.
  • In consideration of other residents and neighbors, there will be no loud music, voices or working noise after 9pm.
  • The resident is responsible for cleaning, garbage, bedding and otherwise maintaining his/her private living quarters.

Kitchen / Bath / Laundry Usage

  • Residents must communally determine time and order of usage of these facilities.
  • As a communal space, residents must all perform cleaning and garbage removal of these spaces.


  • The resident must present official ID (driver’s license, passport, entry visa etc.) so that we may confirm his/her identity. We will retain a photocopy of that document.
  • The resident must follow all Japanese laws. In the case of illegal activity, or if the resident causes significant trouble for other residents and/or neighbors, Yosuga staff reserve the right to terminate the residency and not return any monies paid by the resident. Depending on the situation Yosuga staff may also contact the police.
  • During the residency period, residents are asked to treat all others as equals and with polite manners. We should all cooperate and enjoy the time together.

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