[ Sponsoring ]

Art Space Yosuga does not receive any funding whatsoever from the government. Generally speaking we are always in a state of financial hardship. We do a lot with a little, but with a bit of help we could expand into many more activities. If you would like to engage with artists, feel closer to art, and create more smiling faces in the world, please consider becoming a patron of the Yosuga family.


*One-time donation          : as you see fit

* Yearly activity support   : monthly individual donation ¥500 (number of months unlimited)

monthly corporate donation ¥10,000 (number of months unlimited)

For those that choose to become yearly supporters, we prefer to accept donations in 12 month installments. For those individuals who wish to become yearly supporters, after 10 months’ patronage we will send out direct mailings regarding Yosuga events and resident artists.

For corporate sponsors, after five months’ patronage we offer to display your link on our Yosuga home page for the duration of your support.