Short Stay ~Special discount for Artists who are going to open an exhibition in Kyoto!!

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Art Space Yosuga is accepting applications from artists (or creative people) only. This “Yosuga” is the name of an arts residence program intended to help improve, revitalize, and globalize the Kyoto arts environment. To that end, artists that are exhibiting in Kyoto, during the exhibition period, are welcome to shared use of the Yosuga facility for 2,500円 / night. In the application, please include details regarding the exhibiting gallery, exhibition period, and other relevant details. If you provide flyers, documents, web information etc., we will happily distribute them from the Yosuga facility as well. The Yosuga “short stay” is limited to one week, however if you are interested in a longer stay please feel free to discuss this with Yosuga staff.