[ Yosuga is Looking for Supporters ]

What are you good at? Show us by doing it here!

For example, language (translation/interpretation), webdesign, photography, tourguide-related skills, etc.

Architectural design and DIY contruction skills are appreciated (for facility alteration / repair)

Maybe you don’t have any special skills, but like art and helping/communicating with resident artists…

Yosuga is looking for people willing to help with all aspects of our activities.


Applicants please:

Send your address, name, sex, birthdate, contact information, facebook address, special skills, and any additional comments

To yosuga.kyoto@gmail.com

For applicants with a facebook account, please join our facebook group page “Yosuga Supporters” (non-public)

From there we will periodically give out information on needed support staff, and the related resident artist or event.