【 Promotional Discount for Winter Residents ♪】

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It is the time of the year when autumn digs in for the night, and winter’s footsteps can be heard.
There is wood crackling in the Yosuga fireplace.
When is Kyoto’s beauty most visible? Is it the cherry blossoms of spring? Or the colored leaves of fall? Perhaps during the summer festivals?
We recently celebrated Yosuga’s fifth anniversary, and I believe the times when Kyoto’s character revealed itself most strongly were actually in winter.
Unfortunately in winter tourism falls and the city becomes very quiet.
In Japanese there is a saying, “A bad bush is better than the open field”.
In other words, by changing your expectations slightly and trying to appreciate the situation, Kyoto’s winter charm will appear.
In the phrase “to pass the winter” we see how only winter has the image of overcoming the hardships of seasonal expression. And at Yosuga, how shall we pass the off-season here? Getting through winter is one of the facility’s biggest challenges. I would like more people to taste the charm of Kyoto’s winter season. And to that end I would like residents to enjoy the use of our Yosuga facility. Leave things empty would be wasteful because it is a precious place. I want everyone to come and have a try living here.

Therefore we are happy to announce a special Winter Residents Discount!!

From 12/24/2018 to 3/31/2019

1 room 1 person (private room) – 4,500 yen / night

1 room 2 people – 8,000 yen / night

1 room 3 people – 10,5000 yen / night

Of course, if this still seems too difficult please feel free to consult with us directly.
Kyoto standing silently in the winter. Place yourself within it and get a feel for the city, connect with the people that live here. You should be able to get a feel for the warmth of each other’s hands.
You could say the stimulus of enjoyment is the strongest motivating power for people working in the arts. That’s why Kyoto is for winter.

“Oh right, let’s go to Kyoto!”